Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2

Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2

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Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2

A car that looked like directly from the set of Startrek, in 1976 launched at the London Motor Show. Just 2 years later than the must more traditional Series 1 Lagonda. Both press and public were very enthusiastic and orders started pouring in. It however took Aston Martin another one and a half years to start delivering the UFO Lagonda to its first owners. The new and innovative digital LED dashboard and touch pad controls were the main reason for this postponed delivery. Development cost for the electronics alone on the Lagonda came to four times as much as the budget for the whole car. The first cars got the full monthy of all car-of-the-future electronics and controls, but the innovative steering wheel controls and gas plasma display were abandoned in 1980. The car was ready for USA delivery in 1982. The design of this car is of a ‘hate it or love it’ type, there are no in-betweens. It was fast enough, luxurious and hugly expensive in 1980 e.g. more expensive than the in-period Ferrari 400 or a Maserati Kyalami.

Technical specification Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2:

    1. Engine: 5.3 Liter (326 CU) DOHC V8
    1. Transmission: 3-speed automatic transmission (optional 5-speed manual)
    1. Power: 280HP
    1. Wheelbase: 292cm (114.8 in)
    1. Length: 528 cm (208 in)
    1. Width: 179 cm (70.5 in)
    1. Height: 130 cm (51.3 in)
    1. Weight: 2,023 kg (4,460 lb)
    1. Top speed: 230 KM/h (143 MPH)
    1. 0-100 KM/h: 8.8 seconds
    1. Production number: 645 (all series)
    1. Designer: William Towns
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