Maserati Quattroporte IV “Evoluzione”

Maserati Quattroporte IV “Evoluzione”

About this Quattro-Porte:

Maserati Quattroporte IV “Evoluzione”

In 1997 Fiat sold 50% of the Maserati shares to Ferrari, Maserati’s former ‘arch-enimy’. Imidiatelly after this take-over the Quattroporte IV was removed from the Maserati model range for a full makeover. Ferrari apparently replaced almost 50% of all parts and relaunched the Quattroporte as “Evoluzione”. The engines remained until the model was phased out in 2001. One of the distinct features -introduced under the de Tomaso reign- that did not survive under Ferrari ownership was the unique Cartier interior clock in each Maserati car.

Technical specification Maserati Quattroporte IV “Evoluzione”:

    1. Engine: Maserati 2,8-litre V6 engine and 3,2-litre V8 engine
    1. Transmission: 4-speed automatic or 6-speed manual gearbox
    1. Power: 284 HP and 336 HP
    1. Wheelbase: 265 cm (104.3 in)
    1. Length: 455 cm (179.1 in)
    1. Width: 181 cm (71.3 in)
    1. Height: 135 cm (53.1 in)
    1. Weight: 1,543–1,647 kg (3,402–3,631 lb)
    1. Top speed: 255-270 KM/h (158-168 MPH)
    1. 0-100 KM/h: approx. 5.8 seconds
    1. Production number: 1,171 (resp. 389 and 782)
    1. Designer: Marcello Gandini
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    1. Maserati Quattroporte IV | Quattro-Porte - Four Door Sport Saloons

      [...] After almost 10 years of being absent in the market for four door sport saloons, Maserati returned with the fourth series of the Quattreporte. This time around the Quattroporte was designed by Marcello Gandini, noticably recognizable by the slanting wheel arches at the back of the car. Only one year ealier Maserati was acquired from de Tomaso by Fiat and the Quattroporte was the first Maserati to be launched. Development however started still in the de Tomaso ownership, having distinct design features from the 1992 Maserati Ghibli. The car was launched featuring two V6 Maserati engines, a 2.0 Liter and a 2.8 Liter, both with turbos (inheritance from the Biturbo era). One year later the 3.2 Liter V8 was introduced in the Quattroporte, coming from the exquisite Shamal. Only three years later the car was completely overhauled by its new owner and reintroduced as “Evoluzione”. [...]

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