Monica 560

Monica 560

About this Quattro-Porte:

Monica 560
In 1966 Jean Tastevin, chairman of Compagnie Francais de Produits Metallurgiques (CFPM) started thinking about producing a luxurious car to diversify CFPM’s business. He contracted Chris Lawrence of C.J. Lawrence Consultants in the UK to design and develop the new sportsedan. After a long development period of almost 8 years and dozens of prototypes, the Monica (named after Tastevin’s wife) was finished around 1974. By that time the oil crisis was raging the automotive world and Tastevin got cold feet. Before 1975 he decided to kill off the whole programme and the “Jaguar Francaise” was history before it really flourished. Too bad, because it was a pretty, prestigious and fast car; very much in line with the earlier French brand: Facel Vega.

Technical specification Monica 560:

    1. Engine: Chrysler 5,6 Liter (340 cui) V8
    1. Transmission: 3-speed Chrysler automatic or 5-speed ZF manual
    1. Power: 280HP
    1. Wheelbase: 277 cm (109 in)
    1. Length: 493 cm (194 in)
    1. Width: 180 cm (70.9 in)
    1. Height: 135 cm (53.1 in)
    1. Weight: 1,740 kg (3,836 lb)
    1. Top speed: 238 KM/h (148 MPH)
    1. 0-100 KM/h: 8 seconds
    1. Production number: 30-35 (22 of which prototypes)
    1. Designer: Chris Lawrence – C.J. Lawrence Consultants (with pre-studies of Tony Rascanu and Henri Chapron & Alfredo Vignale)
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    1. Paul

      Superb Car I saw this being Built in a Workshop in South London as a child

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