Fiat 130 Opera

Fiat 130 Opera

About this Quattro-Porte:

1974 Fiat 130 Opera

The Opera was launched in 1975 by the sole initiative of Pininfarina, ‘applying’ for the job of designing the successor of the Fiat 130 Berlina. However Fiat wasn’t interested in this design study and the Opera remained a one-off prototype. Although the coupé was designed by Paolo Martin, he wasn’t involved in the design process of the Opera. Another Pininfarina experiment of a year earlier was a 2-door shooting brake version called the Maremma, this model also never made it to production and remained solo.

Technical specification Fiat 130 Opera:

    1. Engine: Fiat 3.2 Liter V6
    1. Transmission: 5-speed manual
    1. Power: 165 HP
    1. Wheelbase: 272 cm (107.1 in)
    1. Length: 485 cm (190.9 in)
    1. Width: 175.5 cm (69.1 in)
    1. Height: 137 cm (53.9 in)
    1. Weight: approx. 1,600 kg (3,527 lb)
    1. Top speed: approx. 200 KM/h (124 MPH)
    1. 0-100 KM/h: approx. 10 seconds
    1. Production number: 1 prototype
    1. Designer: Pinifarina
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